Woke up at 6AM on the 20th of December to go to work early so I could catch my flight at 7PM at Haneda airport and still be able to work a full day. I had slept about a total of 10 hours in the last 3 days because of stupid stuff like drinking in Shinjuku all night on Monday. On Tuesday, I spent most of the time working, getting ready for my trip to Kyushu and Osaka, and talking on the phone to a girl from Chiba I had nanpa’ed at my company’s event. She was drinking in Shinjuku with a bunch of Chinese people she had introduced to me before. I think one was trying to speak Japanese to me, hell, it could of been Chinese for all I know. The other I mistook for a high school girl when I first met her, but she is 26, can’t speak Japanese but speaks English like a native; blows my fuckin’ mind.

All right, get to the point tokumei...

Well, at Haneda, I saw a well known newscaster and his family going somewhere. Don’t know where, didn’t have the balls to ask. He is an American and is married to a Japanese, and their kids are so cute!

The point tokumei. The point.

Well, I got on the plane, it took off. I arrived in Fukuoka.

The End.

Just kidding.

The flight was at night and I got a pleasant surprise when about 5 minutes into the it. I looked out to my left and saw the beautiful Yokohama. Kanagawa prefecture. My home.

Kanagawa is the place I grew up and used to live, work, drink. From the plane, I saw Yokohama station where I had practiced shuuden, hashigo, and nanpa so many times. It was so small and so far away. I also saw Landmark Tower, the largest skyscraper in Japan, and the Bay Bridge (of Yokohama that is) were also so small and so beautiful lit up at night. I have seen them all so many times, but for the first time from way up in the sky. I wondered how many couples were walking around the romantic Minato Mirai that night. I rarely go back to Kanagawa these days. natsukashii.

Finally, I arrived at Fukuoka International Airport. My first time in Kyushu. And there waiting for me at the exit was my kouhai from college that I hadn’t seen in 3 years. He changed so much, for the better I think. And at least he stopped using that damn hillbilly Kyushu dialect.

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