The term that the Japanese parliament uses to refer to the various yakuza organised crime groups in Japan.

This law designates a number of yakuza gangs and attempts to severely restrict their activities. As at February 10, 2000, the complete list of designated groups was:

Yamaguchi-gumi of Kobe, Inagawa-kai of Tokyo, Sumiyoshi-kai of Tokyo, Kudo-kai of Fukuoka, Kyokuryu-kai of Okinawa, Okinawa Kyokuryu-kai of Okinawa (sic), Aizukotetsu-Kai of Kyoto, Kyosei-kai of Hiroshima, Goda-ikka of Yamaguchi, Kozakura-ikka of Kagoshima, Asano-gumi of Okayama, Dojin-kai of Fukuoka, Shinwa-kai of Kagawa, Soai-kai of Chiba, Yamano-kai of Kumamoto, Kyodo-kai of Hiroshima, Taishu-kai of Fukuoka, Sakaume-gumi of Osaka, Kyokuto Sakurai'Soke Rengokai of Shizuoka, Kyokuto-kai of Tokyo, Azuma-gumi of Osaka, Matsuba-kai of Tokyo, Kokusui-kai of Tokyo, Nakano-kai of Osaka, Fukuhaku-kai of Fukuoka.

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