Japanese photo sticker booths. The original brand name, I think. They spread all over Asia and then hit the malls on the West Coast of the USA. Now you can find them all over the place. They've gotten more and more elaborate and technologically advanced, but basically they are photo booths that print the photos onto sticker paper. Most booths can blue screen the subjects into various settings, or at the least have a cute border (frequently popular mascots such as Sanrio characters). At one point your collection of print club stickers with all your girl friends and boy friends was a competitive measure of popularity with school kids in Japan; I don't know if this is still true.

To augment Wintersweet's writeup, I believe that the first purikura or Print Club was launched by the venerable Sega Corporation in 1995.

An other variation on the sticker machines include photographic rubber stamps, which are extremely cool to the lover of Japanese pop culture.

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