Male who practices the art of nanpa with the intention to achieve the ultimate prizes of 1. mochikaeri, 2. going to a love hotel, or 3. getting a female's cell phone number.

The most accomplished of nanpashi are high school and college students. You can find the hunters anywhere, but are especially common around Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Ikebukuro. The most important things to remember for the nanpashi are his cell phone(s), alcohol, confidence, hormones, to never give up, and shippai ha seikou no moto. You can find nanpashi most anywhere, but the most devoted "hunters" are studying and mastering their arts in the streets of Shibuya, Ikebukuro, and Shinjuku.

However, someday all nanpashi have to grow up and settle down. Once a male graduates and enters "the real world", he tends to abandon the way of the nanpashi and take on new studies in order to become a salaryman. Upon thus becoming a salaryman, our young hormone filled male starts to look down on his former self and current nanpashi. He begins to degrade himself by paying for time with women by starting to frequent Kabuki-cho and places such as cabaret clubs - fashion health - soapland (like the old guys I work with - HAHAHA!), ruin his life with the agony of "zangyou" or overtime, and may even do the unthinkable which completely goes against the logic of the nanpashi - get married and have kids (yet still frequent places Kabuki-cho).

The enemies of the nanpashi are low or no alcohol tolerance, being low on cash, losing his cell phone and thus phone numbers in it's memory, and parents who want him to be a respectful salaryman. Recently, cases of girls "waiting" to be picked up by our young nanpashi friends and then taking them to their unbeknownst yakuza friends bars where they are "robbed" have been reported.

The word nanpashi is typically written in a combination of katakana and kanji but can be fully written in kanji.

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