Japanese for "take out" (literally "take home"), as in when you go to McDonald's and the person at the register asks "Is that for here or to go?" (BTW in japanese "O'mochikaeri desu ka?").

However, mochikaeri is also used in the slang sense to mean taking someone home to have sex, usually after a party, dinner, night of drinking, or successful nanpa. But, of course, just like at your favorite fast food restaurant, you could just "eat in" or have it "for here" or where ever you like! But then it won't be a mochikaeri would it?

Mochikaeri are achieved with the help of one or a number of factors. Some major things include the influence of alcohol, the inability to return home (possibly on purpose), knowing what to say and how to say it ("uchi kuru?"), and most importantly, just being in the right place at the right time.

Mochikaeri is the ultimate goal of the nanpashi. A true nanpashi works on and develops his nanpa skills ever day in pursuit of mochikaeri. As a nanpashi gets older and wiser, he knows what to look for and recognizes an opportunity when it presents itself.

The word mochikaeri is written in a combination of kanji and hiragana.

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