Mishuku is one of the best little known areas in Tokyo described best as "trendy but well-off-the-mainstream". It is a home and hang out for the rich, wanna be's, actors, actresses, athletes, comedians, porn stars, musicians, and, of course, me (I don’t fall into any of those categories. Than again, maybe I am in the wrong profession?).

There are lots of nomiya and bars in Mishuku, but they are almost all very expensive. Wanna go out for a few drinks? Try 3 cocktails or beers for around Y4000. But of course there are "cheaper" places...

At most of the establishments, everyone knows each other and is “introduced” in by a friend, coworker, or senpai. Most of the time I walk into a place and I know most everyone. Then I have to do the Japanese thing and go around and exchange meaningless greetings like hisashiburi desu with everyone, even the people I don't like. Worse yet, I just walk by a place and people will notice through the window and come yelling for me.

Mishuku is located in Setagaya Ward in Tokyo about 5-10 minutes by taxi from Shibuya station depending on traffic on route 246. Ask most people, even Edokko, about it and more than likely they won’t even know about it. Hell, most of the time people will be confused and think you are saying minshuku.

But the fact that no one knows about it is the good part about it. Thus the famous people live and hang out there.

Mishuku is the place I call home.

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