…I drink until morning.

My boss is usually at his desk sleeping, but today he took the day off. And to celebrate this day of freedom, last night I went drinking until 5AM this morning at my regular nomiya hang out in Mishuku. Of course I have work today, but he isn’t here, so no worries.

Of course my nomitomodachi saru was there last night, along with all of us other regulars (See sensei’s wu on izakaya for a good explanation of nomitomodachi). We drank our bottles of shochu that we keep at the place. Happily, it turned out, as usual, to be a wild night, erm, morning – uhhh, whatever.

I was surprised and embarrassed to find the girl next to me taking off her bra and she put it on my head. But I was a little disappointed that it was only a c cup. Needless to say, her work involves her breasts, and she is damn proud of the pair she is blessed with.

Everyone tried to run away from her friend, the girl who described for 2 hours continuously about how much she likes, and her experiences with gansha, or seishi shot in the face. You won't believe some of the things people talk about and do when they are drunk, even at a respectable normal drinking establishment.

I ended up talking to the waitress, who looks like the tarento Mitsuura (both are Buta!). We talked mainly about her troubles and love. I found out that we both share the same opinion, as do many Japanese, that love, sex, and marriage are 3 completely different things should all be kept separate and be done with 3 separate people. Despite having the chance, I didn’t even try to get the mochikaeri.

Well, I walked home and now I am at work after sleeping for 2 hours. My head is pounding and I want to go to bed. It ain’t the first time though. And I don’t regret it.

The life of a salaryman is the life for me…

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