It being the holiday season, been out drinking till 4 in the morning (Not that any other time of the year a kyuuryou dorobou like me wouldn't be doing the same thing in Mishuku though). After a few hours of rest, had to get up bright and early in the glorious morning for work.

I have earned the hallowed title of gozensama.

Gozensama is a time honored title given to one who explores the limits of mind and body (and maybe wallet?) by staying out and drinking after midnight till the early morning. As sacred as hashigo and shuuden, attaining gozensama is sought after by many a salaryman, or kyuuryou dorobou for that matter.

Gozensama is a play or pun on the never used formal way to say "you" in Japanese. The only difference is how it is written in kanji. The "you" gozensama is written the same as the informal "omae" and "sama". The one I am talking about used the word for morning, "gozen", plus "sama".

The title gozensama is however a short lived one. When noon time comes around, it is no long morning, therefore gozensama becomes only a memory. One must go through the entire process again in order to gain this most prestigious title. Alas, I have already lost my precious title for the day for the already countless time (for those who are picky and want to mention the time of the writeup, remember it is JST here).

konya mo ganbaru ze!

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