Skymark is one of Japan's only low-fare airline ventures, created at the same time as Air Do. It began service on September 19, 1998 with a single Boeing 767 flying between Tokyo International Airport (Haneda) and Fukuoka Airport. In 1999, they began service to New Chitose Airport and Osaka International Airport, but pulled out a year later after losing lots of money and having to run another public offering of their stock to stay afloat. Now, in 2002, they have begun a second expansion attempt, with service from Tokyo to Kagoshima.

Like Air Do, Skymark's biggest problem has been trying to compete in price wars with the Big Three of Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, and Japan Air System.

Their airline code is BC, and they are listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

25 October 2002: Skymark is set for a new round of expansion, taking over flights from Haneda to Aomori and Tokushima. ANA dropped these routes earlier this year, and Skymark jumped on the opportunity to take them over with a fourth leased 767. As ANA plans to drop several more domestic routes, Skymark plans to take them over as the last competitor to JAL and JAS in those markets.

Cool beans!

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