Makoto Shishio is one of the anti-heros of the anime series Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X in the USA).

Makoto is fighting the Japanese government during the Meji Restoration in order to change all of Japan. He wanted to bring back the Samurai class, and bring back the ways things used to be. He envisioned a world where everyone would be either strong samurai, or dead. His motto was "Only the strong survive.". He wanted all of the weak people to die, so that Japan could once again prosper, and start to take over the world slowly, with hoardes or samurai warriors.

Kenshin and Saitoh Hajime must band together in order to fight and destroy him.

It is also interesting to note that Sishio Makoto (clearly a villain, NOT an anti-hero. Huge difference. Also, Family name comes first in Japanese, every verbal referance to Shishio in the anime was spoken "Shishio Makoto".) was chosen to replace Kenshin as the Ishin party's lead assasin, after Kenshin vows never to kill again. We see him briefly in the OAV, at the very end, cutting down Lizuka on Katsura's orders for betraying Kenshin and Tomoe. Later on, the Ishin party abandoned him in a burning building, making the animosity against Kenshin personal as well as political.

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