Yoshiko is one of the most common female given names in Japanese. Famous Yoshikos include Manchurian princess and Japanese spy Kawashima Yoshiko, Japanese pop singer and actress Yoshiko Tanaka, Japanese-American author Yoshiko Uchida, Japanese journalist Yoshiko Sakurai, and Japanese comedian Yoshiko-san.

The basic meaning of the name Yoshiko is "good child" and thus the name is most obviously spelled with the Japanese kanji characters for "good" and "child" (良子) or some minor variation thereof with the same basic meaning (好子, 吉子, 善子, 佳子, 美子, etc.).

However, there are dozens of alternate ways of writing "Yoshiko" - according to ENAMDICT there are 214 known ways of writing the name in Japanese.

That's far too many to list in full, but here are are a few of the more quirky or amusing examples:

陽詩子 - "sun poem child"
美巳子 - "beautiful snake child"
佳志子 - "good intentions child"
充私子 - "satisfy me child"
凱子 - "triumph child"
葭子 - "reed child"
芳胡 - "fragrant barbarian"
代史子 - "world history child"
妖紫子 - "bewitching violet child"
可子 - "so-so child"
艶湖 - "luminous lake"

Of course, you can always write "Yoshiko" in hiragana (よしこ) or katakana (ヨシコ) as well!

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