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See bakufu (usergroup).

As Apatrix said: This usergroup is for noders familiar with Japanese language and culture. Here in their little zen garden they shall meditate on the great questions of noding things Japanese on E2. Anything you send to them will come back smaller, better and cheaper.


Naming Conventions

Use Unicode over EUC and Others

  • If you are going to use kanji, hanzi, hanja, hiragana, katakana, hangul, etc., be sure to read Using Unicode on E2.
    • The honorable gn0sis has laid out all the reasons at said node.
    • The honorable tongpoo has a javascript there to convert text into Unicode HTML entities, also in said node.
    • The honorable liveforever has javascripts at the hiragana and katakana nodes for typing out Unicode HTML entities for those scripts.
  • The honorable microlith suggests using Mozilla, as it automatically converts input to HTML entities. Microsoft Internet Explorer can display the entities with no problem, but will only input in Shift-JIS and JIS (depending on your IME settings).
  • For those whose OS does not support Japanese (Windows 98/Windows NT 4.0Eng) or isn't set up for it, microlith recommends getting JWPce at main.html as it works on Windows and Linux (with the help of Wine). It's a decent word processor and has a built in Japanese/English dictionary based on EDict (as well as being GPL, for those interested). It does not save (yet) into unicode HTML entities, but provides a decent editing environment.

Node Titles

  • We do not represent Japanese long vowels in node titles. Get used to it.
    • NEVER use macrons or circumflexes in node titles.
    • Do not use long vowels "ou", "oo", "uu", or "aa" in node titles. Instead use "o", "u", or "a".
      • This means "Tokyo" instead of "Toukyou", "sumo" instead of "sumou", and "Osaka" instead of "Oosaka".
      • However, you are free (nay, even encouraged) to use long vowels within the body of your writeups for accuracy, just not within the node title
    • With the exception of long vowels noted above, always use Hepburn spellings in node titles.
  • For grammatic particles, use the modern transliterations of は, へ, and を:
    • In node titles, transliterate the particle を as "o", NEVER as "wo".
    • Transliterate the particle は as "wa", NEVER as "ha".
    • Transliterate the particle へ as "e", NEVER as "he".
    • Note that characters は and へ should still be transliterated as "ha" and "he" when they appear within other words, just not when they are particles.
  • For geographic features, use English names:
  • Titles of creative works should be in English.
  • Wherever possible, hyphenated forms of Japanese terms should be avoided. Instead, treat the hyphenated word as a single compound word.