(Alternative) A brand of Ecstasy or MDMA pill that swept through the European club scene in the late nineties, stamped with the logo of the Mitsubishi manufacturing company. Notable for their unusually high quality and purity, also their nearly ubiquitous availability, these were widely considered to be responsible for rejuvinating the slightly weary clubbing scene. Also known as "Mitsi's".

The MDMA (active component) of these pills was rumoured to be manufactured by the ton in an ex-Soviet Bloc laboratory.
Gotta love those commies... In fact, on a couple of Mitsi's, you just gotta love everybody.. %-)

In the height of the infamous Bubble Economy of the 1990's, Mitsubishi was the largest entity on the massive Tokyo Stock Exchange, or TSE.

By 1996, Mitsubishi had become the largest corporation in the world. At this point in history, it was ranked the 22nd largest economy on earth, larger than Argentina, India, and Switzerland.


According to the Rainforest Action Network, "Mitsubishi Corporation is among the world's worst corporate destroyers of forests. It is one of Japan's oldest timber traders and one of the largest importers of logs from Indonesia, Malaysia, Chile, Australia, Canada, U.S., and now Siberia. There is no evidence that any of Mitsubishi's operations or suppliers are logging in an environmentally sustainable manner. In fact, while it continues to claim that its environmental policies ensure sustainability, it refuses to allow an independent commission to analyze any of its logging operations to verify this claim."

See more at www.ran.org/ran/ran_campaigns/mitsubishi/QT/

During the Japanese Industrial Revolution in the early 1900s, Mitsubishi became the first Japanese Mega-Corporations. They were originally a coal minning company that used Chinese, Korean, and Japanese slaves to mine the coal on an island off the coast of Japan called Battleship Island.

Many lawsuits have come against Mitsubishi recently because they have never reconciled their past, but damn I love that Eclipse. Duh.

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