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Bio. Hmmm.. Well, I've been around 30 years and I'm too busy still having a life to actually sit down and write about it. I suggest you do the same. I am, however, working in the video game industry, which is a rather double-edged sword

Close friend of the lovely the gazelle, acquaintance of the witty lioncub, and member of occasional BLT* with them both.

(* BLT is not = Bacon Lettuce Tomato)

Wanna laugh?
Vote Early - Vote Often! ;-)

Have now been around 33 years. Moved from London to San Francisco. Am getting married to lovely woman. Have finally just managed to stop working in the video game industry which is a relief. Phew.

Still 33 years old. Still in San Francisco. Still unmarried... She bailed, two days before the Big Event. It made me very very sad for a short time, which I figure is the best way to deal with it; certainly better than repressing things and feeling quite sad for a very long time. I feel better now, we split up (not really any other option, y'know?), and within a week she was in love with someone else. Life is funny like that. Amazingly, we're still really good friends. I salute myself for my maturity.
Ah well, lover please!

Now 34 and a half. Still in SF, still loving it.
Well, the next lover did come along, and six months into the new thang I find myself very happy. Yay!

Christmas 2005 up-n-over-date

Feck! Stop the clock! I'm 36. How did that happen? Still in SF, still loving it, still on 'next lover' who is still lovely. She lives with me now. ;-)

January 2010

- Married (the next lover) in 2008 at Burning Man. That was fun. Still in SF, trying for a kid now. ;-)