a self-inflicted curse, which I am sure many of us endure.

An example: when I give someone a compliment, they usually ask me, "are you being serious, or sarcastic?" And my response is usually something like "uhhhh.... serious? I think?" Because usually, I am legitimately unsure. (maybe a little of both? what was I actually thinking just then?)

or when I ask someone a question, did I ever actually want the answer, or was I just trying to make fun of something? (this causes problems when I actually do want to get an answer, since everyone who knows me knows that I almost never want the answer to a question, and thus tend to chuckle politely, and subsequently ignore me.)

the moral of the story: "DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!" wait, that's not right... "don't be such a sarcastic ass." yes, that's better.

crap. I have just written a "getting to know you" node... at least I didn't stop writing, leaving behind an empty nodeshell.

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