Popcorn chicken, available from KFC around the world (as far as I can tell) is one of the most perfect snack foods ever invented.

For those who have never tried this masterpiece of fast food, popcorn chicken is essentially tiny tiny chunks of chicken deep-fried in that famous KFC batter, and served piping hot. Each piece varies from the size of a crumb (granted, those are probably accidental) to the size of your thumb, removed at the first knuckle. Not that I'm suggesting anything here. They also come (at least in Australia) with little "flavour satchels", scary little packets of powder to sprinkle over your popcorn chicken (thanks Zerotime).

Some reasons why popcorn chicken is one of the most perfect snack foods:

  • Very portable: grab it and continue running to get wherever you're going in such a hurry.
  • Compared with the rest of the menu, it's relatively cheap.
  • Easy to sneak the "small" size into places "outside food" isn't allowed.
  • It's a quick burst of fatty calories and salt.
  • It's allegedly chicken-based, therefore easier to justify as being healthy. Well, moreso than a hamburger, anyway.
  • It even tastes good cold. Although due to all the yummy bacteria that likes chicken, I don't know if that's such a good idea.

Health food nuts and vegetarians can go softlink some mueslix and carrots now if they like.

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