Not the quickest meal to make, but the tastiest food item my roommate and I made off of a George Foreman grill. Kamikaze chicken is incredibly easy to make and very, very delicious. Simply stated, Kamikaze chicken is chicken breasts that have been marinated in Kamikaze, the alcoholic drink that is, not real kamikazes. Don't worry about the alcohol either, most of it burns off in the grilling.

  • Chicken breasts (however many you want to cook, we made three)
  • 1 bottle of vodka, preferably something tasty, but not overly good, so nothing in a plastic bottle
  • 1 bottle of Triple Sec
  • 1 bottle of lime juice
  • 1 container large enough to hold chicken breasts and kamikaze
  • A pitcher might be helpful as well
Cooking Instructions
  1. First mix up a proper amount of kamikaze for the chicken to sit in. There has to be enough to cover all the chicken. Kamikaze is even amounts of the vodka, triple sec and lime juice. Feel free to adjust levels to taste.
  2. Place chicken in the container, we used tupperware when we made it.
  3. Cover chicken with kamikaze.
  4. Let sit, the longer, the better. When my roommate and I made this, the chicken we had was frozen all the way through, so we had the chicken thaw in the fridge. It ended up sitting in the fridge for about 16-18 hours! I think, the longer it sits the better, for the chicken was soft and very moist and tender when we put it on the grill.
  5. After the chicken sat, we tossed it on the George Foreman lean mean fat reducing grilling machine, it grilled it til the outside was nice and black, while the inside was still tender and juicy. It was mouthwatering good. For those of you who aren't college students and use a real grill, I have absolutely no idea how long it would take to grill. Just grill it til the outside it black, and it appears cooked to you, the inside shouldn't be that pink, but hey, it's chicken, cook it how you like it.

This dish tastes kind of limey, due to the kamikaze marinade. As mentioned above, most of the alcohol, if not all, will burn off in the grilling. Let me know if you try this, I haven't made it in about a year, which is a shame.

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