This is a dish similar to popcorn chicken but using shelled crawfish tails instead of the chicken, and adding a little spice to the mix. Basically what you want to do to prepare this dish is as follows. The recipe is very forgiving, so don't worry to much on the details.

  1. Obtain a pound or so of crawfish tails. You can catch them yourself, or you can buy them. They're better fresh, but if they can't be found fresh you can usually get them frozen.
  2. From here you can do one of two things.
  3. Deep fry the tails (I usually shoot for an oil temperature of about 350 or 375 degrees F and cook them until golden).
  4. Let them sit on a draining rack or a stack of paper towels until the excess grease has drained and the last of the tails are out of the fryer.

     I've found that I've had good luck with all of these dipping sauces and I'm sure there are more out there:

Happy eating!

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