Here's my Level 4 story. I'm in High School Computer Science Class at the Career Enrichment Center in Albuquerque, in a small room with 4 or 5 terminals in it, gweeping away at an old VT220 in Pascal, working on this god-awful poker hand scoring program. (See I am not a hacker). Next to me is Kevin File, and playing a MUD behind us is Nick Majeran, The Funniest Man Alive, IMHO.

So we're coding away, but Nick is playing one of those old-school MUDs, none of that pansy RP-oriented MUSH-style dreck; I mean the kind of MUD where you get to kill other players and laugh. Those old games involved a lot of cryptic characters and digits, and from a distance, could be mistaken for program code.

So Nick had evaded the Evil Eye of Mrs. Marla "That's Two Points!" Griego (Known simply as "the Griego") for quite a while. Finally, though, she catches on, and coming into the room, squawks: "Nick, what are you working on?"

"Uh. . . level 4."

Kevin and I must've laughed hysterically for 10 minutes. Maybe you had to be there.

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