Experience points. One gains XP in various ways, when someone votes for your writeups, or when someone C!s you. You are also awarded XP based on how many writeups you've contributed, the net effect being that we're all given incentive to node more and better writeups.

It's the Everything Carrot

Track 5 on The Dark Side of the Node

By: Comrade M

XP,get away
Write a good node that gets C!hinged and your OK
XP,it's a gas
Grab those points with both hands and make a stash
More votes, C!'s, and newer better powers
Think I'll be up another level in an hour!

XP,get back!
Don't down vote me Jack or you'll be losing points reall fast!
XP,it's a hit
Don't give me that node good stuff bullshit!
I'm in the high-fidelity pseudo_god editor set
But I haven't got enough XP yet!

XP,it's a crime
Earn it fairly, but don't take a slice of my pie
XP,so they say
Is the root of noding for numbers today.
But if you ask for a blessing it's no surprise that they're
giving none away.

for those who care, the acronym XP was first used in Dungeons and Dragons, a fantasy role playing game by TSR, now owned by Wizards of the Coast. Much the same as people do on E2, warriors, mages, paladins, etc would battle savage monsters to amass gold and XP which allowed them to gain levels and new powaghaghahahhghgahhgahg *at this point, entropidus was consumed by a gryphon*

XP has a meaning I didnt see mentioned yet. It's the original monogram of Jesus Christ. XP, the greek letters chi ro are found throughout early Christian artwork and in the stain glass work in most of the worlds larger cathedrals. This sort of brings up an interesting half-alseep observation. If you flip XP over 180 degrees you get dx which is microsoftese for Direct X which only furthers my theory that bill gates think's he's someone he's not.

Microsoft's new two-character naming convention, following "NT", "95", "98", and "Me". Microsoft's official name for the released Whistler operating system is "Windows XP" and the tenth version of Microsoft Office is "Office XP".

/me thinks nate should prepare a trademark lawsuit

In Greek X = chi and P = rho which when you say it fast enough could be the word Cairo, which was the codeword for Microsoft’s distributed OS that was never fully released. Parts of it were shoved into IIS, DCOM , NTFS and other parts of NT.

XP is also a common abbreviation for christos, i.e. Christ the Savior .

from various fork posts which can be found at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/fork/message/

XP is the acronym for Extreme Programming, an approach to software engineering that is based on the idea of short iteration cycles. Iterations are based on use cases (stories that describe the way in which a software system will be used). At the end of each iteration, the system should be in a working state. Subsequent iterations add more functionality, but, in theory, the software is deliverable to the customer at the end of any iteration.

Other tenents of XP include pair programming, unit testing, and a high level of customer feedback.

XP is the name of the Norwegian Coop chain of food stores own no-name "brand". The brand originally started out in the early 1980's as "blue-whites", the idea being that the product itself should get all the attention, not the brand or the packaging. Blue-whites had very simple packaging with only the name of the actual food product printed on the boxes, cans and bags. For example, cans of peas simply had "Hermetic Peas" in big blue letters on a white background, as well as the requisite nutritional information.

The food comes from a variety of sources, bought in large enough quantities to appear as one of the cheaper alternatives in Norwegian Coop food stores and supermarkets.

In the late 90's Coop decided to do away with the blue-whites and change the packaging concept slightly. The no-name non-brand became a brand on its own, logo and all. Inside the still somewhat simple packaging are the same actual food products as before.

The XP "brand" includes all the staple foods of a Norwegian household, like coffee, pasta, fish balls, fish fingers, shampoo, tea, laundry detergent etcetera.

You can buy it in Prix, Mega, OBS! and Coop marked stores all over Norway and leave less skint than you would have been leaving some place else.

Note: I have no affiliation with the Coop chain whatsoever. The blatant, shameless product placement is purely coincidental. So there.

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