Originally the "Tactical Studies Rules" wargaming group in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, it now official doesn't stand for anything. After financial difficulties in late 1996, TSR was purchased by Wizards of the Coast. TSR publishes Dungeons and Dragons, Alternity, SAGA System, Dragon Dice and other games. TSR used to publish the Marvel Super Heroes Role-Playing Game, Top Secret, S.I., and other games.

Under MS-DOS, a program which is loaded into memory and then remains loaded after it exits to provide certain services (it "terminates and stays resident," hence the acronym TSR). Examples of TSR programs include Sidekick and MSCDEX.

TSR programs tend to take up lots of conventional memory, but DOS memory management techniques exist to limit their usage of this essential system resource.

TSR: an acronym from the words Testosterone Sterilized (female) Rat. A TSR manifests the persistent estrus syndrome. Lacking ovulatory cycles, she is sterile. The condition is induced experimentally by injections of testosterone prior to the age of eleven days. The first five days of life are the most sensitive or critical ones. Smaller doses are then effective. The effect is life-long.

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