The ultimate program suite for cheating/cracking pre-DOS4GW PC games, written by someone called Wong Wing Kin.

This TSR set of utilities included:
  • A memory monitor that allowed you to locate the address of each variable in the game and then set its value or keep it constant.
  • A memory hex viewer/editor.
  • An interrupt monitor.
  • And the best thing of them all, a superb full syntax-colored debugger!
There were three versions of the main executable file: the first one used conventional memory only, and the other two could use respectively extended (XMS) and expanded (EMS) memory.

The EMS version (which was the one that used the least conventional memory) was kept in an encrypted ARJ file whose password would only be revealed upon registration. The funny thing is that the XMS version could be loaded into high memory (HMA), thus eliminating the need for an EMS version at all.

Still, years after, I'm sometimes tempted to run an ARJ brute-force cracker and forever kill my curiosity about that elusive password.

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