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I'm a paradox wrapped in an enigma and covered with secret sauce.


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Why you ask? These are nodes I put a lot of work into, I feel they didnt get the notice or credit they deserve, so please, kind souls, read my works.

Q: Who is GreySoul?
A: See below

Well, first off an introduction. My name is REDACTED, not to be confused with Martha, Gregory, or Cold tomato soup. I live in the North Valley of Albuquerque somewhere in Los Ranchos de Albuquerque. I am currently 32 years old, born June 02, 1979. Because of this sometimes I feel 16, sometimes I feel 50, but rarely do I feel my own age. I was a photography major at the University of New Mexico. I got my BFA in 2007.

Stuff about me:

If you were too lazy to read above, this is a summary and then some
Name:          REDACTED
Age:              21
Rank:           Weird-o

I can be contacted the following ways:

Phone:            REDACTED
Address:        Unique Zip Code: No longer valid

More Crap than you could ever want to know about me

Color:              Blue
Music:              Mostly techno/electronica, some rap and MTV style bullshit.
Computers:      9: FreeBSDx1, Windows 98x2, Windows 2000x3, Redhatx1, DOSx2.
Shoes:              Docs
Car:                ’00 Grand Am GT1.
Current book:The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson.
Teletubby:        I own a potty-mouth Po (the red one that swears)
Pets:                Wolfs: Nootka (3/4 Timber Wolf), Nani (1/2 Alaskan gray). Dogs: Boomer. Fish: Nameless, Fred died today…. Birds: Star Bird, Larry Bird. Plant: Plant
Game:              9 ball
Alcohol:        Vodka
Cameras:        Mamiya, Kodak, Holga, Pentax.
Brother        Dennis.


         c         t  
    t     o n        h  
    h    H n o h p      l  
    e  q u e s t i o n    w e  
       y o u  s w   D  i s  
         m G r e y S o u l s  
         e   r     l   

GreySoul is you god
Do not question his power
He will consume the faithless