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Title: XP whorism
Author: Iain Arthur Mosley Easy
Publishers: Everythingian Printing Press
ISBN: 0-1234-666-999-X
Other recommended titles: XP Whore, Confessions of an XP whore, Interview: Memoirs of an XP Whore, XP whores, the whole lot of you, The biggest XP whore on Everything
Coming soon: XP whorism For the Soul and XP Whores for Dummies*

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Readers review
I have discovered that I.A.M. Easy is infact pen name used by Cloth. One of the most memorable moments in the book was when he recalls the time when he made his tried his first trix on the everything chatterbox; he was looking for a well voted (abit like being well endowed only more HTML formish capitalist to invest in his wares. I found the book very enjoyable but at times too graphic for even my robust tastes. In particular the repeated references to yellow rubber ducks worried me. I'd give it B+ for sheer audacity!
*Credit for these nodeshells belongs to gnarl :)

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