The beast that is Everything2 makes for good copy. The following are all nodes about E2 that at one time have been 'Cooled' by an Editor or god on E2. They comprise about ten percent of nodes on the Page of Cool. You can find more information about the Page of Cool at As Cool As It Gets.

Disclaimer: Every care has been taken to preserve these nodes, but some of these nodes may no longer exist, or in the case of superdocs not 'working'. (a struckthru hardlink means the node no longer exists. see also E2 FAQ: When is it okay to node about noding?) Also, the Cooling of nodes do not necessarily mean the administration think they are Cool.

Update, September 2004: The number of specific E2 related nodes cooled by Editors has decreased significantly in the past year. Most of those added below were Quest related. Additionally, many of the 'humourous' nodes, as well as general conjecture and idea positing nodes on noding, were removed last year, as the vast amount of hardlinks with a strikethrough signifies. There are also many nodes now no longer cooled, and these are also noted. I will leave all the struckthrough and uncooled nodes in until another update.


Nodes about Everything2 users and bots, whether in tribute, in damnation, or mythologized.

A Message From sensei, A Really Good Sandwich That ideath Could Make To Take To Work With Her, A secret paradise in the gullet of EDB (no longer EdCooled), A Tribute To dem bones, Or a spelling story, Ask moJoe : Advice for the Criminally Confused, Ask moJoe : Dear Baffled On Beacon Hill, Ask moJoe : Dear Conquerer in California, Ask moJoe : Dear Credulous in Cambridge, automaus reads its message inbox, Cool Man Eddie meets Message Inbox, Cool Man Eddie, CowbotNeal: Commands Primer, cowboyneal collapsed onto the virtual balsawood coffee table of IRC, CowboyNeal (no longer EdCooled), Dai-un is dead, Dai-Un's Memory, Dem Bones Gonna Rise Again, Dem Bones, EDB Has a Posse, EDB reads his Message Inbox, Fezisms Generator, Happy Birthday Nate!, Happy Labor Day from Insomnia Boy, Is dem bones a lone hero?, Jane, the Stand Alone Bitch, Jessica Pierce, Jurph should not be allowed to play with fireworks, King of Everything2, knifegirl's scary, scary story (no longer EdCooled... it's not that scary), lawnjart spills his guts to the press, lawnjarts, lawnjart, Loon's Loonie Bin O' Singing and Dancing Noders (no longer EdCooled), My Complaint About Dem Bones (no complaints, no longer EdCooled), My Name Is Quizro, Nate's Pseudo-Wisdoms, Nate's SVLUG Talk, Nathan, This Is Unacceptable, nocode vs. the editors, Of First and Last Noders, Oh My! I had an Everything Dream!, our sensei, Pictures of Everythingians, Piercisms (see Piercisms Generator), Quizro's phone smells like cigarettes and Obsession for Men (gay porn version), Rancid Pickle is the standard by which all other noders should be judged (no longer EdCooled), Sensei And Stuff, Some things Sensei has tried to teach me, Summertime Bones, Teddisms Generator, Thank you letter to E2 users (no longer EdCooled), The creation of the EDB, The Everything People Registry : United States : Florida (no longer EdCooled), The Everything People Registry, The Fez is Responsible for Global Warming (no longer EdCooled), The Fez...Episode One (no longer EdCooled), The Help moJoe find his Biological Mother Project, The Japan Times, e2, and sensei, The Kim Li Diaries: Chapter One, The mysterious disappearance of JeffMagnus, The New York City Noder Compound, Them Not-So-Dry Bones, voices of Everythingians, Uberman's Sleep Schedule, Walter goes down the drain the same way in Australia, WARNING: Noders May Not Be What They Seem to Be, When Jet-Poop Nuked Guest User, Why there is no moloch13, Yossarian's School of Badassary, Your radical ideas about taking candy from thefez have already occured to others


Nodes announcing or describing Real Life and Not-So-Real Life Events pertaining to Everything2.

•Noder Gatherings, Get-togethers or gathvertisements

A Sunny Place For Shady People: Summer Solstice, Santa Barbara Style, A Very Brady E2 Get-Together!
An E2 Seattle debauch aftermath node
E2 Gatherings
E2 Hospitality Index
E2 Meetup
FINALLY, a New Orleans gathering: music, mayhem, beer snobs, and Bourbon Street
FINALLY: Morally Bankrupt but Rich on Beads (the New Orleans gathering aftermath node)
Grouper and oysters and shrimp, oh my! An E2 New Year's gathering on Florida's Gulf Coast
HOT DAMN!: Drinking, Debauchery, and Dastardly Deeds
Let Your Liver Do the Walking: An E2 Boston Hangover in the Works (no longer EdCooled)
Pizza, beer, and Smoking Noders paint the town red
Report on the Dublin Everything Get-together
Rhesus Monkeys and Dormant Underwater Volcanos: the "I can't believe there's nobody here from Madagascar" E2 Madagascar get-together (no longer EdCooled)
Talkin' Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues
The best thing to happen to Atlanta since Sherman: The Whiz-Bang Chronicles
The E2 Toronto Invitational & Scavenger Hunt ...of Peril
The Loudmouthed E2 Seattle Debauch
The Southern California E2 Get-Together
The Whiz-Bang Atlanta E2 Party
Welcome to the First Annual Magnificent Maryland Renaissance Oktoberfest E2 Throwdown!

•Everything Events

A day in the life of Everything, Kansas
A Year Ago Today (this superdoc lists all writeups from the previous year and beyond!)
An E2 Quest for the Middle East!
April Trolls Day II - Electric Boogaloo
April Trolls Day
Dizzy and Katyana's Wedding Ceremony
e2 Secret Santa 2001
E2 Server Downtime: Saturday April 6 2002
Easter Egg Poems
Equestriana: an e2 proseproduction
Everything 2 Civil War
Everything Almanac 2003
Everything Commune
E2 Copyright Changes
Everything M-Noder Washroom
Everything Professional Career Network
E2 Quest: Copyright Redemption
Everything Quest - WWII history
Everything Quests: Athletes and Sports Figures
Everything Quests - Classical Music
Everything Quests - Discover India
Everything Quests: Hollywood's Golden Age
Everything Quests - The High Seas
Everything Quests: Albums and CDs
Everything Quests: Favourite Authors
Everything Quests: Film Reviews
Everything Quests: Games and Distractions
Everything Quests: Support Your Local Library
Everything Quests: The E2 Tourist Guide
Everything Radio
Everything, Kansas: A Manifesto
Everything: In the Beginning
Giant Squid Party Platform
Gone in Sixty Seconds - Theatre Quest Entries
Got milk? A ninjagirls bake sale!
Happy Birthday Nate!
Humane Society
Humane Society - Stories about Tragedy and Golf (introduction)
moJoe Day, a Lesson in Debauchery, Sarcasm and Confrontation
Node Row (where did that recent odd writeup go?)
Prosenoder's Cup 2003
Raffling Off Some Noder Love
Questions for users
Savannah, the aftermath
Save us from the horror of dull dead trees: a marathon E2 Quest
Something Happened: The Pacific NorthWest E2 Gathering
Stockholm Syndrome European International White Nights Nodermeet
Summit in Savannah
Survivor2: Journal of the Bones (Endgame)
Survivor2: Week 12
Survivor2: Week 9
The Blood is the Life: A Frightful Halloween Quest
ToasterLeavings week- 7 days of random obeisance to an idiot mortal non-god
Vote Giant Squid 2004
weekend sound track
weeknight sound track
Wheel...Of...Books: an E2 fundraiser!
Wrap Up In Noder Love: An E2 Craft Project and Fundraiser


Nodes defining Everything2 terms or superdocs with tools and guidelines to using E2.

#catbox, #everything map, Adding information to the Everything FAQ, Analysis of Everything, B.C. (Before Chatterbox), chatterbox client, chatterbox, Clearing Up Some Misconceptions: Donation Box, Community2, Content Editor (see The Power Structure of Everything2), Create a node, cut and paste writeups, Donation Box, E1 Imports, E2 Break Tag Utility, E2 Bugs, E2 characters, E2 Color Toy, E2 Copyright Changes, E2 Games, E2 Glossary, E2 HTML tags, E2 in the News, E2 Link and Logger Client, E2 List Formatter, E2 lyrics noding standard, E2 Mentoring Sign-Up, E2 node tracker, E2 Nodegel Visualizer, E2 Nuke Request, E2 nuke request etiquette, E2 Offline Scratchpad, E2 Pain Severity Index (not presently EdCooled), E2 Prose Writers Group, E2 Quick Start (not presently EdCooled), E2 Rot13 Encoder, E2 Sarcasm FAQ, E2 Scheduled Downtime(no longer EdCooled), E2 Science, E2 server facts, E2 Suicide, E2 Tarot Cards, E2 Towers of Hanoi, E2 Translators, E2 verse and poetry writers' group, E2 Visual Basic hardlinking utility, editing, editor burnout, editor, Everything 2 Editors, Everything Data Pages, Everything Editor Logs, Everything Email Options, E2 FAQ: Bookmarks / Personal Nodelet, Everything FAQ: Can I use HTML in my writeups?, E2 FAQ: Chatterbox, E2 FAQ: Copyrighted Material, E2 FAQ: Assimilating old writeups, E2 FAQ: Gathering and Aftermath Nodes, E2 FAQ: How to cite your sources, E2 FAQ: Prescription medications, E2 FAQ: Recipes, E2 FAQ: What is E2?, Editor Endorsements, Everything FAQ: Making A Node, Everything FAQ, Everything I-Ching, E2 News - May 27, 2003, Everything in the news, Everything Quote Server, Everything Server Errors, Everything Snapshot (no longer EdCooled), Everything Statistics - September 29, 2001, Everything Statistics, Everything Style Guide, E2 Translators, Everything University, Everything User Directory (Out of Service and no longer EdCooled), Everything WanderMeister, Everything's Best Users (qualitatively), Everything's Best Users, Everything Resume Repository, Explicate Your Lyrics, fezisms generator(both the node and the superdoc are EdCooled), Fiction challenge results, freegel, Golden Trinkets, GTK+ Chatterbox Client (see Ge2), Helping Everything2/Perl Monks/AnimeFu, Honor Roll and you, Java Chatterbox, M-Noders, Mattbox: Mac OS X Chatterbox Client, Median Node-Fu Product, Metanoder, More HTML tags allowed!, New Everything Feature: Rooms (not presently EdCooled; see also Available Rooms), New Level Power: home node image, New Writeup Requirements!, New Writeups nodelet exposure problem, Nifty New Feature: Cool Archive, Node for the Ages, Node Integration (see E2 FAQ: Integrate your writeups), Node of Quotes, Node What You Know (see E2 FAQ: What should I node?), Node Your Homework, node-fu, nodegel, Nodeshell Challenge, Nodeshell Generator, Nodeshells Marked For Destruction (no longer EdCooled), Noding speedometer, Noding Style and Flow, Nuking and Klaproth and gods, oh my!, Oops, my writeup's in the wrong node!, People who write exceptionally long nodes should be penalized, pick titles carefully (not presently EdCooled), pipe link (not presently EdCooled), punch thyself (not presently EdCooled), Raising the bar, Read Me First: Getting Started on E2(no longer EdCooled), Reference Desk, Retroactive writeup credit for Quests!!, School of Information Analysis of Everything (1), School of Information Analysis of Everything (3), soft link, Submissions for the Everything Quote Server, Submissions for the M-Noder Tee-Shirt Design, Suggestions for E2, Text Formatter, The Content Rescue Team : FAQ, The Content Rescue Team : Nodes, The E2 Backstory, The Everything Editor's Job, The Everything2 History Project (there is no history, there is only now), The First Book of Everything, The First Fantastic E2 Crossword Puzzle, The Great E2 Fin de Siecle Fiction Challenge, The Great Grand E2 Book Lotto, The Great Grand E2 Mix-Tape Lotto, The Great Grand E2 Sex Lotto, The Node Code, The Nodeshell Rescue Team (all nodeshells have been rescued, but they still need feeding and education), The Old Node Revival Squad, The Power Structure of Everything 2, Tip of the Day (no longer EdCooled), Using Special Characters in Titles, Using Unicode on E2, weekend sound track, Welcome to Everything, Wharfinger's Linebreaker, word messer-upper, writeup maintenance, XP stoicism, Your Nodeshells


Opinions, directions, hints, confessions and commentary from your fellow noders.

•You say tomato, I say orange

Some of these nodes contain ideas hotly contested by other users. From back seat noding to how to play the XP game, newbie innocense to gods' directives, everybody thinks this place needs improving, and how to do it. (see also ideas masquerading as insulting softlink titles)

A Couple of Tips for Noders, A Prayer for Everythingians, Be kind to the "Newbies", Can Everything be used to pick up girls?, Capitalization in Nodes revisited: A Heretic Sees the Light, Capitalization in Nodes (transformed into a FAQ), Censorship on Everything (no longer EdCooled), choosing a node title, Comments on Everything Voting, competitive noding, complimenting fellow noders, E2 Bullying, E2 Clueless (Newbie) Mistakes To Avoid, E2 Copyright Violations (not presently EdCooled), E2 could be an excellent educational tool, E2 is unfriendly to new noders, E2 is Unfriendly to Old Noders, E2 nuke request is not a -XP toilet, Everything as a discussion forum, Everything as a literary composition, Everything as a personal publishing system, Everything as an educational device for the obsessive/compulsive, E2 FAQ: "Censorship" and "Suggestions", E2 FAQ: Is E2 Just Like E1?, E2 FAQ: The "Earn Your Bullshit" thing, E2 FAQ: What NOT To Do, Everything HONEST Scholarship, Everything is a Community, Everything is a Family, Everything is like Crack, Everything is relative, but some things are more relative than others, Everything is true and nothing matters, Good Nodes vs Great Nodes, How to disagree with an opinion on Everything, In Defense and Exhortation of E2 Fiction, Incestuous Everything, Is E2 just like Slashdot?, Is Everything 2 really 'everything'?, Is it possible to learn things on everything?, Letter to the Editor(s), Linking for Content versus Linking for Emphasis, node it, Node More Mathematics, nodeshell as a term has got to go, Noding Ideas, noding is like writing poetry, noding melodies (curiously retitled to noding melodies, negative nodevertising, Nuke Requests aren't an alternative to node maintenance, On the noding of quotes (see E2 FAQ: Noding Quotes), Proposal for a new system to help introduce new users into E2, Rant swallowed by the EDB, rules for E2 new recruits, Side-effects of the voting/experience system, start your own E2... with hookers and blackjack, The Everything Copyright Problem, The Everything Credibility Problem, The Everything Dishonest Scholarship Problem, the fear of cooling uncool nodes, The Newbie's Guide to Your Home Node, The Other Everything Copyright Problem, The Perfect Node, the power of softlinks, The problem with nodes condoning drugs, the voting system rewards bad writeups, There is no nodegel!, tips for newbies, toughen up and node, Trust your fellow noder., what do you do with your nodes with negative reputation?, What Everything does better than anything else, What Is Everything?, What is Everything2?, What You Really Need To Know About Everything (no longer EdCooled), Where is E2 heading?, Where's Everything going?, Whose idea was it to be able to see who makes nodeshells?, XP Pack Rape as a term has got to go, You have as many votes as you want

•funny ideas

Humourous writeups, injokes and puns about E2.

Brian Eno Random Node Conspiracy, Bugs go to JayBonci, E2 Clique Application Form, E2 is Unfriendly to New Order, E2 Update #123.7, E2PCOT, Every Node is Sacred, Everything2 is in direct violation of US Patent No. 6,031,537, Everything Loves Monkeys!, Everything Purity Test, E2 Sperm Counter, E2 is unfriendly to New Order, Everything women respond to Webster 1913, everything2 is decadent and depraved (no longer EdCooled), From Newbie to Godhead in only 10 days!, funniest chatterbox, funny chatterbox snippets, hot Everything action, I H4XX0RED E2!!, It is the very model of a modern E2 chatterbox, It's The End Of The Node As We Know It, Noder's Remorse, Nodeshell, Nodeshell, give me your answer, do., Nodeshelling Über Alles!, Nodeshells Roasting on an Open Fire, Nodespotting, nodificate, Noding Around, nodanagram, Sounds of Noding, test test test, The all mighty horrible node apology, The Chaplaincy of Everything, The Everything Family(no longer EdCooled), The Everything Law of Downvote Entropy, The Everything Psychic Connection, The Everything Salute, The "My parents suck with computers" node sucks node, The religious significance of the "Fezisms Generator" revealed, The truth about your nodes is out there, the truth behind the Page of Cool, there is no sex in the chatterbox, What to do if E2 goes down, XP XP XP XP XP XP XP XP XP XP XP XP XP XP XP XP XP XP, You Oughta Node

•ideas masquerading under insulting softlink titles

One activity on E2 is softlinking titles of other nodes as commentary. Most of the time these are insulting to the user linked to, and hilarious to the one making the link. Insulting softlinks, or softlinks as commentary, are the last weapon of the 'anonymous coward'. Virtual graffiti. Instead of /msging the author, faults are displayed for future readers' perusal. Often, the node linked has writeups containing useful or humourous commentary on attitudes and procedures here, which is why they've reached the Page of Cool

A brief example of writeups that die, All this poochie moochie on Everything2 is making me sick! (an EdCooled nodeshell), Another lyrics write up that doesn't credit the lyricist, blame Everything, Choose Short Titles, Come and see the downvotes inherent in the system, Cut-and-Paste Writeups Will Die, Don't Make Shit Up, Don't namespace your lyrics, Don't tell me how to vote, Everything Wurst Writeups, Everything You Just Read Is Bullshit, Everything's Biggest Complainers, getting to know you noders fucking sucked, hit by the realization that they are all getting to know you nodes, i don't know what the hell this means, but i'm voting it up anyway., I downvoted your node because, I never thought I would node this, I will REMOVE your "All Your Radical Touching Base Are Already Occurred to The LesbianMonkey Puppy" Philosophy on me if you don't eat my soy google balls, hatt-baby. Real or Malarky?, I wish I could node, i'm leaving, you all suck, I'm not an XP whore. I'm an XP escort., If my node sucks, please vote it down, If there's already a node about this, why not let me know where it is?, if you can't spell, don't node., if you can't spell, you're an idiot. "original ideas" don't come from idiots., If you can't write something nice, don't write anything at all, If you're going to make a subjective node, write with persuasive structure, If you're not going to link, you might as well not even be here., Integrate your write-ups (has become E2 FAQ: Integrate your writeups), Is Everything addictive, or are we just obsessive?, Isn't this what your home node is for?, it's not what you node, but how you node, Link and Link, Maybe it's due to crappy nodes like this, my first write-up, My god, it's full of nodegel!, New Feature = Everything Sucks, Nobody cares if it was originally a nodeshell, Nodes about Everything are just masturbatory, nodes that complain about other people's noding styles, Noding for Numbers, Non English speaker Everything handicap, one danger of having your friends using Everything, One example of why you should pick titles carefully, Please Attribute Anything You Quote, Please help us recover your nodes by linking their titles below, Please stop thanking me for cooling your writeup, So much for the nodegel Standards Committee., So what if your radical ideas have already occurred to others., So whatsoever if thine nodes beget voted unto...? Nobody knows but Jesus., sticks and stones may break my bones but soft links will never hurt me!, The Everything Rant Contest, The node that tried too hard to be loved, there's already a node about this, This is just pure cool! It's cryptic, mystical, lovely. I had no choice!, This node does not make sense (presently unCooled), This place needs more actual content. Let's begin., Those who can, node..., Un-Namespace your lyrics, US-Centricism on Everything, What I'm trying to say is that I may have unconsciously plagiarized this, Whining about factual noding gets you nowhere, Why Can't I Write A Popular Node?, why e-mail forwards are not good node material, Why I should quit Everything, Why was my writeup nuked?, Why you are the most important person here, Words of Advice for Young Noders, Writeups I can do without, Writeups That Represent The Authors' Opinion As Universal Fact Are Bad, You are not the literary genius you think you are, You Can't Earn Your Bullshit, You know, if you don't have anything relevant to say, don't fill it in., You may be a noder, but you ain't no dancer, You noders still fucking suck, but your needing my wisdoms bad, Your radical ideas about metanodes have already occured to others, Your radical ideas about quitting E2 have already occurred to others

•other ideas

Mostly commentary and documentary nodes that gods and editors enjoyed.

/msg'ing a secret, /Msg's are important., a conversation with this, that, or the other god, a first impression of everything2, A meme has escaped from Everything2, noders., A new level advancement system without XP, A Place for Everything (and Everything in its Place), A Taxonomy of Nodes and Noders, Advice the KJV Bible has to give about Everything, Best homenode bits of accounts I have deleted, Breakfast-Fu (not really an e2 related node, and presently has been unCooled --Sept '04), Come for the nodes. Stay for the collective unconscious., E2 as a community, ...Everything2 as a community (a different node than the previous), E2 lag problems and (potential) solutions (a superdoc, same as the following node), E2 Lag Reduction Suggestions for Noders, E2 voting philosophy, Everything2 Civil War, Everything 2 Presidental Candidates for 2000, Everything Cheat Codes, Everything Rumors, Everything Smurfs, Everything Sobriquets, Everything2 Tic Tac Toe, Everything in the old days, Everything User Tiers, Everything: In the Beginning, Everything: The Future,, Facing the fact that I only node well when I am extremely unhappy about something, Faugh! E2 is no longer "Big and Juicy"!, How do I find or search for cool old nodes?, I had an Everything dream an hour ago, I think E2 has finally found a place in my heart., I wish E2 had picturing capabilities, I Wish I Had Thought Of Everything, If I do anything for you by noding as I do, here's some things you can do for me, Integrated Noding Environment, kind words beat upvotes and c!s every day, La Everythingaise, Losing my noding virginity, node naked, Nodebabies: a guide for the layperson, nodegel metanode, noding for posterity, On Noding in a Foreign Language, Possible slogans for the M-noder T-Shirts, Quantum State theory for "getting to know you nodes", rant against Windows Error codes and auto-noding , taunting fellow noders, The everything2 team, The Everythingian Recycling Center, The Everythong, The Legend of Everything, The Link at the Bottom of this Write-Up (renamed to The Link At The Bottom Of This Node, but not reCooled), The Never-Ending Write-Up, The Node Linked to All Others, The quest for high rep nodes, the sound of Everything, Things on e2 other than XP that will make you happy, Things you overhear in the E2 bar, To Wriggle, to Writhe, trying to explain Everything to your non-Everythingite friends, Unguided Tour of Everything, Up to Node Good, What the hell happens to E2 at 2:15am PDT?, Why noding helps me with school, why should Everything be only in english?, XP pack rape, Your first writeup will be nuked: Don't give up

compiled and updated by gnarl

updated September, 2004...

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