This is the typical conversational English term used for a unit of Taiwan currency. Apparantly it stands for the "New Taiwan dollar". You will often see (in English) the notation NT$100, or less frequently TW$100, or 100 TWD. Ex. "That will be 12 NT." "I'm one NT short." Alternatively some people just call them "dollars". The exchange rate has fluctuated and is around 30 NT to one US dollar.

People, when they mean nt as "No Text" on perhaps a message board, usually surround it with -'s, as: -NT-, or some other symbols. When you do this, you have a subject with no text in the article it links to.

For instance on everything, although this never happens,
  • This is a nodeshell needs no writeup -NT-
    And the author makes no writeup for his nodeshell, or merely puts the words "nt" in it, to signify that he has nothing further to say beyond the title of the nodeshell.

    Some people use -NT- in normal conversation on IRC or ICQ. For instance when bragging or making the claim that their position is the end all to the conversation or situation.

    "TX GG NT" is commonly used on FICS when someone wins a game. (Almost as much as "TX GG NP"

    In conclusion, -NT- is used to make a short statement which defines how the author feels in dramatic fashion.
  • NoTrump, which is a bid used in the card game bridge. A bid of
    1NT (One Notrump) means that you (together with you partner) expect
    to win one trick or more if the game is played without a trump
    color. However,
    the NT bids often mean other things, depending on which bidding system
    you use. For example, the bid 4NT is often used as a question to your
    partner about how many aces he/she has on hand (see Blackwood).

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