GAMBLE! Come on, now, if we implemented some simple Blackjack and Keno routines Everything would just take off! Surely I wouldn't be the only one on Everything at 4 am - install some terminals at DefCon and we too could be the cause of bawling three-year-olds in casinos in the middle of the night because mommy isn't tucking them in. The Random Node function could be made more like roulette - if you could guess what node it was going to take you to (only even money for Brian Eno, though...)

Our banner ads could feature philosophers you were trying to catch, and after all other venues were drained a desperate noder-gambler could get a few hundred XP in a final bid by telling us What is your Social Security Number?

Of course, gambling in modern times classically has ties to drugs and prostitution - but Everything is a drug in and of itself (psychologically if not physically addicting) so perhaps XP could instead pay for stays in Everything detox? As for the sex, I'm sure we could come to some arrangement (banner ads again, maybe?) whereby high quantities of XP could be traded in at fine establishments for a couple of hours in the champagne room. This means that inevitably we'd get some toughs confronting us for horning in on their action, but I think that a combination of the EDB and dem bones would be all the bouncer we'd need.

Baby, we're gonna make this patch of the Cyberian desert blossom!

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