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I'm the most off-beat genius you ever knew; I'm so iconoclastic I'm clastic

I don't have a cool homenode.
I just have nodes.

I'm not really here anymore, but I pop in now and then to see what people say about me. I'm afraid you can expect messages sent to me to be unread for weeks at a time. If you're interested in taking over my Everything People Registry writeups, just say the word.

Everything homenode adventures I've made:

  • cobweb (long gone, but contributions here are not quickly forgotten)
  • jimbeam (European culture and motherboards, but not many recent nodes)
  • cerulean (poetry, literature and Johns Hopkins University)
  • 3Suns (computer games, stray mathematics, and rather good formatting)
  • ur55318008 (likes cars, likes trance, nodes 'em well)
  • soliloquee (a few stories, a few insights, excellent writing)
  • insanefuzzie (codes games, nodes games, builds his own E2 engine)
  • Li Kao (likes SCUBA diving and uncommon words)
  • BrooksMarlin (nice work on Chicago eclectica)
  • blondino (56 writeups and all good stuff)

This place needs more actual content. Let's begin.

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