A techno group made up of Beastie Boy Adam Horovitz and Beastie Boy tour keyboard player and general groupie Amery "AWOL" Smith. The group describes their sound as "Casio Hardcore."

Their first album, the self-titled BS2000 was released in 1996. It was highly experimental, made heavy use of sampling and very unique. Only briefly released by Grand Royal only on vinyl, it was very rare. It was never released on Capitol, the Beastie Boys' major label primarily because of the difficulty in clearing the large amount of samples appearing on the record. However, Grand Royal re-released BS2000 in 1999 for a limited time, still only on vinyl.

BS2000's second album, dubbed Simply Mortified is due out on the Grand Royal label February 6, 2001 in the US. The vinyl is to be released February 20, 2001. A much more official release this time around, it is said not to sound anything like the first album. The first single, "Buddy" was released on November 7, 2000. A tour is in the works 2001.

The promotional version of the album Simply Mortified given to reviewers had this biographical information enclosed:

"BS2000 originally began as a bi-coastal beat swap between founding members Adam Horovitz and Amery "Awol" Smith. Their limited edition, vinyl only debut release was truly the outcome of endless hours of work on the SP1200 Sampling Drum Machine. In fact, the first album was SP1200 direct to DAT, straight up. One can say it was a text book instructional record on how to use the SP, and quickly became a DJ favorite around the globe with such notable beat dominators as Alec Empire, Dan the Automator and Joe the Doorman.

For their new effort Simply Mortified, BS2000 has expanded its techniques and completely switched up its sound, bringing lo-fi, new school, a go-go, Farfisa-Swing Beats for the new millenium. What started as something between two friends on the DL has quickly developed and gotten out of hand. The outcome of this is an album that truly returns to the 'Popcorn' era of James Brown, in that it features almost as many dance steps as it does songs! From the crowd involved 'Side to Side' to the Casio most of 'The Scrappy,' there truly is a routine for everyone on this record. For anyone looking for something unlike anything else, with a beat you can dance to, look no further. The BS is here for the year 2000!"

Track listing of BS2000’s 1996 self titled debut album:
  1. Nobody Beats BS2000
  2. Bubbles
  3. No Answer
  4. AJOQueso
  5. OJ
  6. The Real BS
  7. Baby
  8. Go Get Lifted
  9. Copsuckers
  10. Cocopuff
  11. Scorpio
  12. Heaven
  13. Computer Pervert
  14. BS2000!
  15. We Are BS2000
  16. Go With the Flow (Make Room)
  17. Breakdance
  18. Thrift King
  19. Weep Chat
  20. Oh Right
  21. Die Rollerblader
  22. Shock
  23. Dinner in Five
  24. The Coffee Drinker
  25. Thank You Very Much

(German: abbreviation for Betriebssystem 2000, "operating system 2000")

BS2000 is a mainframe OS made by Siemens. It's idiosyncratic and very German, and only a COBOL geek could truly love it - it is, however, very stable.

Among its users, it is generally just known as BS Zwei.

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