Colossus is the master of cartoon supervillainy featured in The Simpsons episode Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part II). He is a spoof of the James Bond and Batman villains (and don't forget Dr. Evil from Austin Powers). His greatest weapon is his amazing Colosso-boots that allows him to get taller, with the disadvantage of hitting the ceiling.

Quote (refering to the death of Mr. Burns):
Bah! He was a rank amateur compared to Doctor Colossus! Oh-hah-hah-hah

Note: some informations were taken from the book The Simpsons, A Complete Guide To Our Favorite Family, (c) 1997 Matt Groening Productions, Inc.
I don't remember in which one of the "Who Shot Mr Burns?" episodes this scene occurs, but it's when Lisa rushes into the police station to get Smithers released from jail.

Lisa: "You've arrested the wrong man!"

Chief Wiggum: "OK, Doctor Colossus, you're free to go. But stay away from Death Mountain!"

Doctor Colossus: (German villain accent) "Awww... but all my stuff is zere!"

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