Song 18 on BS2000’s album Simply Mortified. According to Adam Horovitz of BS2000:

Dilemma is about “dudes being dudes and trying to tell other dudes that they don’t have to be dudes. It’s an anti-sexist song. So much stuff coming out these days is all about fun. That’s not life.”1
It is easy to draw the conclusion that the song is about Adam Horovitz of the Beastie Boys not knowing whether to speak out against fellow white rapper Eminem for his hateful lyrics or just letting it pass. It will be interesting to see if Eminem starts dissing the Beastie Boys now. Talk about career suicide. Lyrics to “The Dilemma:”

I know he's racist but he's got good beats and I know he’s sexist but he's so funny and he's homophobic but he's got great lyrics what do I do pretend not to hear it

what do I do speak out shut up

it's disappointing when you show no respect I tell you that I'm so let down and it doesn't have to be like this see lets just forgot what we've been taught

what do I do speak out shut up

so much mucho macho interaction you don't gotta play the role with me cause the beat turns sour every hour on the hour why you always feel you always got to have the power

1Borow, Zeb. “Beat-sy Boys.” Spin Magazine. March (2001): 47-48.

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