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This account was started by pitcher on the premise that lyrics should not inflate one's node count. As Gritchka added, "With the advent of E2 Copyright Changes this lyrics account no longer serves such a useful purpose. In general, if you now want to node lyrics with permission, your node should be worth keeping under your own name. The three older/traditional songs Aloha Oe, Kookaburra, and The Last Rose of Summer, and a large number of Christmas carols have been kept; and all the rest, which seem to be modern lyrics, have been deleted." Since I, Segnbora-t, was the one who noded those out-of-copyright songs which remain, I've taken over the account with pitcher's permission.

If you had writeups here that were nuked, they are now in this account's node heaven. Message Segnbora-t or a god if you want to get anything back, or if you want to add out-of-copyright lyrics or those you have permission to post if you don't want to unduly inflate your own account's postings.