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Cream of the Cool

The exact definition of a howitzer has changed in modern times, and is not entirely standardized. One of the initial defining features of a howitzer -- that it was loaded by hand -- became occluded by its battlefield capabilities, and eventually faded into obsolescence.

In the late 1690s and on into the early 1800s, a howitzer was defined by its form, which in turned defined its niche in the battlefield; it was a small piece of mobile battlefield artillery, a modification on the cannon in…

Link rot

Everything suffers the opposite of linkrot: links proliferate!

The fate of links on E2 is certainly different than in other parts of the web. The «regular» link rot still happens, as the targets of external links change addresses, or simply die.

But inner links are a bit different.

The complete anatomy of an Everything2 link is as follows:

  1. The text of the link;

Scotch coffee was a term used in the British Royal Navy in days of yore to refer to fake coffee made from burnt bread crumbs. While exact recipes vary, it is basically whatever bread might be available (biscuit or hardtack, for example), crumbled, toasted until dark or well-burnt, and boiled in water. It was flavored to taste -- or depending on what was available -- most often with milk, sugar or molasses, and, one must assume, alcohol.

It appears to gain its…

We're slowly opening up under robin's egg skies, and I hope we won't have to close down again. Saturday saw sun, and I biked to my old neighbourhood, the place where I spent much of my twenties. I could have returned my library book to another branch, but why not here? One store had engaged a jazz musician with a soprano sax to play out front. A familiar pub-- or, rather, its patio-- had reopened for the first time in months, and I was able to grab brunch while listening to music.…