*sigh* How come rappers have to make it so confusing?

OK, Eminem's real, given name is Marshall Mathers III

(Sort of lacks the impact, don't you think? However, I think Vanilla Ice's real name is funnier-Martin Van Winkle. Those crazy white rappers, won't they ever learn?)

Then his name as a musician (that's debatable) is Eminem. Sort of like a author using a pen name. His pseudonym, in fancier words.

But his persona (stage character) is Slim Shady. It's like Jim Morrison calling himself the Lizard King. Basically, it's just a character he made up (which is convenient).

"It's not me! It's art!"

What's up with that guy

Marshall Bruce Mathers III (better known as Eminem by most) was born in St Joseph, MO in 1973, not far from Kansas City. He grew up without much parental support and without much money.

In his early teens, Marshall started to be interested in rap music, and he began performing when he was 14 years old. Initially, he performed as part of Soul Intent in Detroit. In 1996, he made his solo debut when he released Infinite, on an independent label.

In 1997, Dr. Dre decided to sign Mathers to his record label, which resulted in the release of Slim Shady LP.

What's up with them pages?

Mathers has been in the news quite a lot. Here are some of the most juicy tidbits:

  • September 1999 - Best Newbie - MTV awards Mathers "best debut"
  • February 2000 - Brit? - Eminem is nominated for best debut act for the Brit Awards, but doesn't win
  • September 2000 - MTV loves the guy - Eminem gets prices for best music video, best male music video and best rap music video
  • August 2000 - Gay is Okay - Marshall Mathers had gotten a lot of negative publicity for his making fun of homosexuals. However, most of this criticism came from the christian societies and was aimed at Mathers, and not at the fact he sung about queers. Elton John actually made an official statement that he thought what Mathers did was okay.
  • August 2000 - Lawsuit - Kimberly, Marshall's ex-wife, sues him for $90 M for libel / slander
  • August 2000 - No friends with mommy - After several lawsuits, Marshall's mother tries it again - previously she tried to sue him for $20M, she now tries it again - this time for $9M
  • September 2000 - Ex-wife suicide attempt - While Mathers is on stage in Detroit, Kimberly tries to commit suicide, blaming Mathers.
  • January 2001 - Man of the year - Marshall Mathers is crowned artist of the year by Rolling Stone magazine. He is also credited with being the best hip-hop artist of 2000, the best male artist of 2000, and for releasing the best album (Marshall Mathers LP) of the year.
  • February 2001 - Troublesome Grammies - before and during the grammy awards, a massive number of people show up to protest against Mathers' nomination for the Grammy awards, stating he is a bad idol and a hopeless example for the youth. Mathers does, however win a price for best albu, best rap-artist and best rap group (with Dr. Dre). as a part of the show, Mathers performs "Stan" together with Elton John
  • March 2001 - Scared of the fans - No matter how tough Mathers might be, try to be, or pretend to be, in March he announces he is scared to death (npi) that one of his crazy fans would end up killing him.
  • June 2001 - Avoiding Jail - Mathers is sentenced to two years conditional prison time, after the Insane Clown Posse, another rap group, charged him with illegal posession of firearms, and for packing a concealed gun without having a license.
  • October 2001 - Divorce - Kimberly divorces Marshall
  • November 2001 - New girlfriend? - Sources claim that Kim Basinger (47) and Mathers (29) have a relationship.

What's up with them names?

Marshall Mathers' first rap-artistic name was Slim Shady, but later, he decided he didn't like this too much, and decided to call himself Eminem instead. Rumor has it that he chose "Eminem" after Dr. Dre once said his rapping was eminent

What's up with that music?

Mathers' music - unlike most other rap music that has made it into the mainstream - has a certain unpretentiousness to it. Yes, the lyrics have a virtual overload of violence, but it is at the same time filled with (black) humor, a good dose of satire and piercing irony, enabling even non-rap-fans (like me) to appreciate his music.

Mathers has worked together with Dr. Dre on several occations, both live and on albums. Among other things, Dr. Dre featured on Mathers' Slim Shady LP, but Mathers was also guest on Dre's Dr. Dre 2001

What's up with them discs?

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