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He looked around the apartment one last time. "Looks fine," he reassured himself. He made himself sit down and stop checking the clock, even thought she was supposed to be here 5 minutes ago. He took a deep breath, sat down on the couch, and read -- or at least looked at the book intently while watching the window by the door out of the corner of his eye.

5:00pm. the sea and cake - the colony room

There was a knock on the door. "Hey babe."

They walked down to the store hand in hand.

5:04pm. pavement - summer babe (winter version)
5:07pm. velocity girl - there's only one thing left to say

As they entered the store, no decision had been made about dinner. They wandered down an aisle: 12, baking goods, the sign above them said. "Oooh, we could make this," she said with a half smile as she pulled a box off the shelf.

5:09pm. cibo matto - birthday cake

A decision had been made: pasta. They had gathered the ingredients and were heading towards the registers. She did a final inventory. "Okay, so we've got...

"Well, I've got the herbs at home, and we've got everything else in here."

She tossed another package into the basket as they walked up the juice aisle. "Now why would you want that stuff? It's just chemicals and food coloring."

"But there's this drink I know how to make with it. You've got gin, right?"

5:12pm. soul coughing - mr. bitterness
5:18pm. tortoise - the taut and tame
5:23pm. fcs north - police laughter

He grabbed the bottle of olive oil and put a couple of teaspoons worth in the pan. He asked, "Okay, you're mincing the garlic and chopping half the onion coarse, right?" "I know the recipe, dear." He stripped off his sweater, then busied himself washing several handfuls of spinach really thoroughly.

5:31pm. yo la tengo, remixed by μZiq - autumn sweater
5:37pm. stereolab - nihilist assault group

The activity in the kitchen was reaching its crescendo.

The garlic and onions were sizzling over medium heat in the pan. He stirred them a little bit, and saw the onions were starting to get a little clear. "This's ready for the tomatoes."

She cut the last tomato into quarters, and began scooping them up and dumping them into the pan with the onions and garlic. He grabbed the can the tomatoes had come in and dumped a half cup of the juice in the pan. He turned the heat down until the sauce simmered. By that time, she had added some oregano, dried basil, salt and pepper to it.

"You salted the water yet?" She asked. "Nope." She put a teaspoon of salt into the boiling pot of water, then put the spaghetti in.

Meanwhile, he shredded the washed spinach, and began putting it on top of the simmering sauce. He would put as much as possible on top, then put a lid on the pan; as the spinach withered in the steam, space would be freed to add more.

5:44pm. bs2000 - in the basement
5:45pm. modest mouse - what people are made of
5:47pm. young fresh fellows - she's a book
5:49pm. the folk implosion - waltzin' with your ego

Things began to come together. As the spinach wilted completely, it got stirred into the sauce; once all the spinach was used, the sauce simmered until the spaghetti was ready. She tested the spaghetti. "Almost ready."

As he set the table, he kept thinking that something wasn't quite right with the evening. He looked around the apartment again. No, nothing looks out of place. He looked at the table. No, nothing wrong there. "Eh, whatever," he told himself, "it can't be that big of a deal if I can't figure out what it is."

5:51pm. tarentel - untitled, excerpt from self titled cd's second track

She brought the bowl of spaghetti out; she had drained a little bit of excess liquid off the sauce, and then poured the rest over the spaghetti. As she set it down on the table, she asked, "What's up? You look concerned about something."

"I can't figure out what's missing. Candles, lights, silverware, drinks..."


"Ah! I just figured it out!" He walked over to the cd player, and put in ...

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