Spanish politician, historian and nobleman (Conde of Toreno). Born 1786 in Oviedo, died 1843 in Paris.

Following early studies at Cuenco, Queipo de Llano studied the humanities and natural science at Madrid, from 1797 to 1803 (when he returned to Asturias).

From 1808, Queipo de Llano was a member of the Spanish junta that opposed Napoleon Bonaparte's invasion. During the reign of Ferdinand VII, however, he had to go into exile.

After Ferdinand VII died and an amnesty was promulgated in 1834, Toreno returned to Spain. He served (from 1835) as head of the government under Isabella II, and as foreign minister. In 1840, he gave up on politics, and settled in Paris, where he wrote a five-volume work on the history of the War of Spanish Independence, 1808-1814. He died in Paris, in 1843.

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