The Brain's ongoing goal, which he only met once or twice, but it was always taken away from him again. I'm referring, of course, to Pinky and The Brain, a Warner Bros. cartoon spun-off of Animaniacs based on one insane lab mouse and one hell-bent on world domination.

Pinky: What are we going to do tomorrow night, Brain?
Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky: Try to take over the world!

World Domination
Kompressor in Action (aka Kompressor, aka Andreas K)

World Domination, Kompressor in Action's first 'real' (non-demo) album was released in 2001, followed by Crush Television in 2002. Consisting mostly of intelligent and humourous (if garbled) lyrics over harsh Industrial beats (Kompressor's bio lists instruments used as being 'SYNTH, CRUSH, FEAR, DEATH'), World Domination is the sort of album one listens to initially just for laughs. Soon, though -- soon Kompressor takes control of your life.

World Domination is a solid album, at all times musically interesting. Fans of Einst├╝rzende Neubauten, Ministry, KMFDM, Tool, and Nine Inch Nails especially should make a point to check it out.

Two of the songs included on this album were written for Song Fight (Midnight Rendezvous and Kompressor Does Not Dance were Kompressor's second and third Song Fight submissions, respectively). Neither won.1

Additionally, two of Kompressor's five most popular Public Service Announcement songs can be found on this album: Adding Up Numbers and Never Talk to Strangers. Vitamins are Good, Brush Your Teeth, and Do Not Play With Fire can be found on Crush Television.

Each of these twelve songs (as well as many others) are available for download in mp3 format from

  1. Kompressor Does Not Dance
  2. Stereo System
  3. Adding Up Numbers
  4. Midnight Rendezvous
  5. K is For Kompressor
  6. Red Robot Theme Song
  7. Destroy Mass Media
  8. In Effect
  9. Differentialgleichungen
  10. Der Todessynthesizer
  11. Kompressor Logik
  12. Never Talk to Strangers
World Domination can be purchased from Kompressor's offical web site, found here:
1 Kompressor may take offense at my wording -- certainly, Kompressor could not be thought to 'submit' to anything... On Kompressor's bio page, under '[Musical] Influences', there's an emphatic 'NO.'

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