Considered "gourmet" coffee vs. the standard robusta varieties commonly found on grocery store shelves. Arabica beans generally have a stronger aroma, richer taste, slightly higher caffeine content and are better in overall quality.

See also: peaberry

Coffee beans from the Coffea arabica bush, the original coffee bush variety. Along with the somewhat less expensive robusta beans, arabica beans make up the most important coffee sorts.

Arabica is not just a bean, or a place, in my inglorious youth in Shaker Heights, Ohio,  Arabica was the name of the local coffee house. A kind of heaven.

The tables were made of solid oak with coffee rings soaked into their surface so deep that the grey dish water rag that the waitresses would use slough off the spilt sugar and scone crumbs could never pull out in a thousand rubs. The ceiling was painted to look like a blue sky on a cloudy day, giveing a surrealist air to the shop. Kids played magic cards and chess in the back rooms. Young punks in mowhaks leaned on the window watching the boys in baggy pants with heavy wallet chains doing high jumps with skate boards on the bench out side.

Terrible horrible poets stood at the always-open mic muttering such favourites as Nobody loves you.

it went like this:

“No body loves you
nope they sure don’t
you are all alone
hear them laugh
ha ha ha ha ha

We always clapped anyway. You never boo down a poet even if she makes you twitch in pain, it’s impolite right?

There was only one thing wrong with  Arabica. (oh, Arabica, Arabica, Arabica of my dreams)

I was not allowed to go there.

You see my dad saw a gay pride meeting there one day and a bunch of Socialists another and he didn’t want me to fall in with those people. He called them “a bunch of touchy-feelies” so all through high school I never got to see the heavy oak tables or hear the bad poetry, or even read some of my own. And then, not long after I went to university, they tore it down and built a starbucks.

and I cried. I really, really did.

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