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Yeah, that's me. Yeah, that's my hair. And my new industrial piercing too. Why? Cause I can.

I have received personal upvotes (in spirit) by: sofacoin

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Xbox Live gamertag: GibGirl (send a voice message with a friend request, please)...

i do orkut and gmail invites upon request...











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stuff i've recently reworked, for your perusing pleasures:
nanochondria - enhanced reality - xox - proving non-existence

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Look. Nodeshells!

Yes, I collect nodeshells. I don't know why. I always have, and probably always will. Some of them may have been nuked, but that's the way it is, and I remove them when I find them or someone lets me know. I prefer to remove them because they're filled, though. I also add those that kind people send to me, and even credit them for the find - though it's cheating to tell me about nodeshells that you yourself created! Let someone else do it! So if you want to help, go for it.





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some folks here like me, some don't. that's the way it is. i can deal.

For anyone who is concerned about copyright on my writeups, please note that I am putting this here to specify that all of my writeups here on Everything2 are hereby placed into the public domain, for people to do with what they wish. Should my privelidges to use this site be revoked at some point, however, then I shall revoke the rights for this site to continue to make them available.