What should happen when you reach Level 2

This is the last node (barring an unfortunate kill) that I need to create to pass the Initiate level. That said...

Remember the original and best "Final Fantasy" game? FF1 for the NES? Remember the very beginning? You're in a seaside town surrounded by wood known as Corneria. The Inn stay costs 30 GP (and remember to hold RESET while you turn POWER off!!!). Anyway, the nefarious Garland, whose dark domain lies to the northwest of Corneria, kidnapped his daughter, Sara, the princess. So the king entreaties you and the rest of the LIGHT WARRIORS to go and kick Garland's ass. You kill a bunch of Imps to work up your experience, and finally you make it to Garland's castle. He calls you "impudent" or "impertinent" or something to that effect before you waste him and save the ugly 8-bit princess. You go back to Corneria, and the king's effervescent with joy, so much so that he subsidizes a bridge across the strait (canal?) to get you to the north. When you cross the bridge, the screen goes out, some ethereal music plays in the background, and you're given a little message from the Square team that your mission has only begun, "WARRIORS, revive the power of the ORBS!", FF is created by Square, and so forth.

Well, anyway, that's what should happen when you pass the first level of Everything. After you submit the level 2-earning node, the browser should flash a few solid colors, an ethereal MIDI should auto-play, and a JavaScript scrolling message should kick in:

As you have crossed the bridge, you realize that journey has only begun...
You realize you are now an official Everythingian. What awaits you, you do not know...
EVERYTHINGIAN, revive the power of the INTERNET!
Everything created by The Everything Development Company.

And then the browser should flash some more colors, before you head up to Matoya's Cave.

Then I shudder to think how one gets a yellow or brown belt.

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