Compass points you that way, unless you've been keeping it next to a magnet. Santa Claus lives up there.

In Native American traditions that have a medicine wheel, and in New Age interpretations of these traditions, north is a cardinal direction symbolizing wisdom, detachment, or completion. North is usually associated with winter, and depending on the specific nation or tribe, the totem animal associated with north may be a white buffalo, eagle, moose, horse or bear.

1986 album by New England bluesman/folk singer Bill Morrissey released on the Philo label (PH 1006). Tracks:

  1. Pantherville
  2. It's Dangerous Out There
  3. Night Shift
  4. Married Man (Bill Morrissey and Cormac MacCarthy)
  5. Ice Fishing
  6. My Old Town
  7. North
  8. She Moved through the Fair
  9. He Drinks Alone
  10. Snow Outside the Mill
  11. Fishing a Stream I Once Fished as a Kid

North (?), n. [AS. nor&edh;; akin to D. noord, G., Sw., & Dan. nord, Icel. nor&edh;r. Cf. Norman, Norse.]


That one of the four cardinal points of the compass, at any place, which lies in the direction of the true meridian, and to the left hand of a person facing the east; the direction opposite to the south.


Any country or region situated farther to the north than another; the northern section of a country.


Specifically: That part of the United States lying north of Mason and Dixon's line. See under Line.


© Webster 1913.

North, a.

Lying toward the north; situated at the north, or in a northern direction from the point of observation or reckoning; proceeding toward the north, or coming from the north.

North following. See Following, a., 2. -- North pole, that point in the heavens, or on the earth, ninety degrees from the equator toward the north. -- North preceding. See Following, a., 2. -- North star, the star toward which the north pole of the earth very nearly points, and which accordingly seems fixed and immovable in the sky. The star α (alpha) of the Little Bear, is our present north star, being distant from the pole about 1° 25�xb7;, and from year to year approaching slowly nearer to it. It is called also Cynosura, polestar, and by astronomers, Polaris.


© Webster 1913.

North, v. i.

To turn or move toward the north; to veer from the east or west toward the north.


© Webster 1913.

North, adv.



© Webster 1913.

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