Nor"man (?), n. [F. normand.] Naut.

A wooden bar, or iron pin.

W. C. Russell.


© Webster 1913.

Nor"man, a. [F. normand, of Scand. origin. See Northman, and cf. Norse.]

Of or pertaining to Normandy or to the Normans; as, the Norman language; the Norman conquest.

Norman style Arch., a style of architecture which arose in the tenth century, characterized by great massiveness, simplicity, and strength, with the use of the semicircular arch, heavy round columns, and a great variety of ornaments, among which the zigzag and spiral or cable-formed ornaments were prominent.


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Nor"man, n.

A native or inhabitant of Normandy; originally, one of the Northmen or Scandinavians who conquered Normandy in the 10th century; afterwards, one of the mixed (Norman-French) race which conquered England, under William the Conqueror.


© Webster 1913.

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