Public House located in London near the Leicester Square end of Soho at 29 Greek Street(on the corner of Romilly Street).

A small pub, which has a strangely mixed clientele (Old gits and tourists) it was founded in 1847, and has not succumbed to modernisation. It is most famous for being the erstwhile drinking den of the infamous Jeffrey Bernard.

A few more facts about the Coach...

They've put the prices up again. Beer is now £2.90 a pint, making it London's most expensive boozer by a long way.

Norman Balom, the notoriously nuts barman, has had a portrait painted of himself and hung above the loo.

The staff of Private Eye meet there once a week to get drunk in the room above the main bar.

The graffiti in the pub toilets is the best in London.

The matchboxes used to bear the engimatic text:


London's rudest landlord

Still living with the Italian virago

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