It sad to say, but there are several lines from computer games that have become part of my everyday jargon. In fact, it is not only me. Often I hear someone say a strange sentence in a strange tone of voice that fits the situation perfectly, and he says "What, you didn't play Montezuma's Revenge?" or some other well known game. And then I remember. So I guess everything affects us, and becomes incorporated into our personalities, even non-human sentences. Maybe it's all part of the plan of the computers to take us over.

Anyway, only 2 games come to mind, but what 2 games!

Mission: Impossible (or was it Impossible Mission?) Who remembers?* It was on Commodore 64 (remember them?). It yielded the two greatest sentences in the history of computer games:

And Baldur's Gate, which produced the following memorable lines:
  • A waste of my talents!
  • I am done.
  • Magic is good and well, but now Minsk leads. SWORDS FOR EVERYONE!
  • Go for the eyes, Boo! Go for the eyes.

*Accipiter, actually. "it was Impossible Mission. Epyx made it."

2004.2.1@12:54 Kit says What about the now-infamous "All your base are belong to us."? Indeed.

  • "Stay a while, and listen." - Cain
  • "I can't use this... yet." - PCs
  • "Ahhh... fresh meat." - The Butcher
Sam and Max Hit the Road:
  • Max: Mind if I drive?
    Sam: Not if you don't mind me clawing at the dash and shrieking like a cheerleader.
From Manny Calavera, protagonist of Grim Fandango: LucasArts adventure games are among the funniest things ever, right between The Simpsons and Douglas Adams' books in the collective mind of Geeks everywhere. God love 'em.
From Gauntlet:
"Wizard needs food badly"
"Elf shot the food"

Just about anything from Monkey Island.

From Spaceward Ho!:
"Much obliged..."

From Marathon:
"Frog blast the vent core!"
"Shoot somebody else, ok?"

In Sinistar, which was one of the scariest games till Doom, I think it was actually, "I hunger", then "Run, coward!" And then the thing would come sweeping in at you, laughing menacingly. The coolest thing about that game was how good it was at making you feel you were playing in a world that extended WAY beyond the edges of the screen.


  • "Battle cruiser operational!" (I can produce the original russian accent too)
Warcraft: Doom II:

Don't forget the classic line from the Zork series (as well as a few other Infocom classics):

It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

> _

I'm going to put that phrase on a black glow-in-the-dark t-shirt. I think having the glowing command prompt makes it spookier, don't you?

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