The idea behind these series was that an elite government force went around catching the bad guys. The original TV show was in the late 60s the second came in the late 80s. The first movie, starring Tom Cruise was released in 1996 with a second to follow in 2000.

Mission Everything Impossible

Your mission should you chose to accept it is to crawl into the heart of everything and asssassinate the warring factions within everything. You may take two Team Members with you on this mission, but it is imparative that the third member of your team be thefez. You will need to hide in nodeshells created by our operative thefez which will cycle up and down thru the random nodes elevators. When two nodeshells meet, you will have approximately eight seconds to move your entire team and your equipment into the next nodeshell, if anything gets caught between the two nodeshells as they cross paths it will be downvoted with unmerciful force and then nuked. The Nodeshell Rescue Team will be scanning for you at this time. If they see you, you'll have to engage them in a battle, and you probaly wont win because there will be more of them than you. If you are in a panic situation, this device will allow you to escape thru the Chatterbox to a random point in everything. When you reach the heart of everything, you must plant these trollbombs within everything is gonna be allright, DMan needs a hug, and one node invovling liberals or Gun Control based on the positions of the softlinks of the first two. Once these bombs are placed you will have eighteen minutes to escape. During this time there will be no radio contact in or out so you will not be able to use the chatterbox panic exit.

This writeup will self destruct in --5-- Seconds.

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