Welcome to "The complete guide to 1980's television".

This node is an attempt to create a complete list of all English language television shows that aired during the 80's. But this node can only be complete if you help make it complete. So please /msg me with shows that need to be added. Add a writeup is you have a large amount of shows to add to the list, (I will then integrate the information, and nuke request your addition). Please include the name of the show, and the category it belongs in. Use Google to check for airdates, (instead of asking me).

The vast majority of these shows are noded poorly or not at all. Why not node your favorite show. Take a look at Small Wonder, Alf, or Babylon 5 for some good examples of what a TV show node should look like.

People who have contributed to this node (Some of them simply by noding a show I discovered)
TheBooBooKitty, Roninspoon, Electricsound, Glowing Fish, DanHibiki, Kung, lila, hodgepodge, Just_Tom, NothingLasts4ever, Mordax, edibleplastic, Teiresias, Eco, vivaldi, Johnny Mnemonics, Protector of Mankind, saige, shimmer, erenata, asterphage, Erik Fish, Sondheim, oblivius, Heisenberg


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