The worlds greatest show (almost)!

Sesame Street a a show on PBS made by CTW (Now known as Sesame Workshop) where they teach you to count and the alphabet (which is used in acronyms like PBS and CTW) and is quite entertaining too.

It's designed to be watched by children and adults together because studies show that kids learn more if they watch with their parents. Unfortunately, most parents view the TV as a babysitter.

Of course, Sesame Street isn't just a TV show anymore. There have been at least two Sesame Street Movies (Follow That Bird and The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland), many toys (Tickle Me Elmo was the number one selling toy in 1996), books (Sesame Street Unpaved is awesome!), and albums (Rubber Duckie was a smash hit in Germany).

Sesame Street has aired in over 140 countries world-wide, both the American version or a local version.

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Sesame Street features humans and non-human muppets living together in peace, respecting eachother's ethnic diversity. Most aspects of adult life are seen on the show including birth (Maria has a baby), death (Mr. Hooper dies), homosexuality (Bert and Ernie who in reality are just roommates, though some claim that they have a "sinful" relationship), disability (Linda was deaf... also a muppet in a wheelchair), Obsessive Compulsive disorder (The Count needs to count everything), poverty and eccentricity (Oscar the Grouch lives in a trashcan and is mean to everyone).

Sesame Street also teaches a variety of languages. In the United States, the show is predominantly English wish Spanish segments intermixed. In Canada, the Spanish segments are replaced with French segments.

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