Elmo's World is a 15 minute segment at the end of Sesame Street. The same one is shown 5 days in a row and when they change to a different one the only real difference is one word. (Seriously.)
It's horribly annoying, but not half as much as Zoe's World would be. Thank goodness that that never occurred to them.
It's Mr. Noodle, not Mr. Noodles.
Babies love Elmo's World. My daughter of 10.5 months couldn't care less about the rest of Sesame Street, but when Elmo's World comes on, she's glued to the TV. She can't get enough of it.

I think they must have done a lot of research on what babies find appealing, and when they distilled it down, Elmo's World is what they came up with. It's got lots of primary scribbled colors, kazoos, cheap video effect flat plane warping, the irresistibly silly Mr. Noodle, and email. Oh, and every song Elmo sings and plays on the piano sounds just like Jingle Bells.

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