An attribute of a person signifying that they are sexually attracted to a member of the same gender.

There are arguments about whether it is a choice or inborn raging throughout the world. Scientific evidence continues to pile up in favor of the inborn side, and it will likely soon be recognized that it is as flexible as a person's race. That still won't prevent homophobia and bigotry.

homosexuality: see homosexual. erotosexual pairing with a partner of the same genital morphology. Its full manifestation includes falling in love (homophilic limerence). Homosexual sexuoerotic behaviors may occur in same sex concentrations (as in prisons) from sexual frustration, or the expression of position in the hierarchy of dominance and power, for example (heterophilic homosexuality). See also heterophilia; homophilia; ambiphilia; heterosexuality; bisexuality.

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