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Rob Malda: International Film Star

Rob Malda, best known as CmdrTaco and the man who pledged to make an honest woman out of Kathleen Fent on February 14, 2002, is also a star both on the big screen and the small screen.

According to IMDb, Malda's breakout role on TV came roughly one year before his proposal to Fent, when he appeared playing "Himself" on an episode of ZDTV's "The Screen Savers" on February 15, 2001. The studio audience was so in awe of Malda's performance, there was nary a dry seat in the house after he left the stage. This signaled bigger and better things to come for the young Malda, a spry lad of 24 at the time.

However, at roughly the same time, Malda was beginning to send shock waves through the thespian community with his performance in the 2001 indie flick Revolution OS, about the rise of Linux as an OS. Malda appears as "Himself (On Inflatable Couch)" in the film, with a performance that sent critics from Boston to Beirut into near cardiac arrest. To underscore his performance, he was the sole nominee in the 2002 Independent Spirit Awards category of "Best Performance on Inflatable Couch."

Getting back to reality, Malda now has a Bacon number of three:

  1. Rob Malda was in Revolution OS (2001) with Susan Egan
  2. Susan Egan was in Hercules (1997) with Keith David
  3. Keith David was in Novocaine (2001) with Kevin Bacon
It should also be noted that if you replace the last step's movie with Where the Heart is, you can connect Malda to Slashdot favorite Natalie Portman in three steps.

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